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At P4B, our goal is to provide each client with our deep knowledge of deal negotiation in life sciences. Our input is based on + 15 years of hands on expertise acquired in multinational organizations. We held direct responsibility for multiple strategic alliances, licensing in & out, R&D licenses and framework agreements, settlement agreements in competitive market places on a worldwide basis (US, EU, Asia, Europe).
We approach engagements with professionalism and persistence to achieve successful business development outcomes for our clients.

For partnering and licensing, we will:

  • Identify opportunities on a global scale that best match your business objectives.
  • Perform financial valuation.
  • Identify and evaluate partner(s) on a best fit basis.
  • Support you or develop on your behalf deal structure & term sheets based
           on innovative shared risk deal approaches.
  • Support you or finalize on your behalf the closing of your negotiation.

Transaction considered: licensing in / out, co-development & other cooperation agreements, technology evaluation agreements, strategic alliance agreements, settlements.
Please contact us to discuss all aspects of your in-licensing, out-licensing strategies and how to improve your chances for deal success.

We provide expertise and support to develop and implement each phase of your project starting with a definition of your priorities and identification of the major potential risks. We propose a project structure with suitable decision-making processes and adapted monitoring that ensure the project’s concrete achievement while controlling the risks at each step.

For project management, we will:

  • Map opportunities and identify partners.
  • Assist you in grant submission and help you to access non-dilutive sources of financing.
  • Prioritize and manage R&D portfolios.
  • day-to- day project management, including resource planning, tracking, and budgeting.
  • Communicate about project status/obstacles/deliverables to stakeholders.

We will ensure that all participants and partners are rowing together towards the same goal and delivering value in order to maximize the output for your organization.

As a business grows, different problems and opportunities demand different solutions: strengthen your position, target the right persons within big organizations, communicate optimally, built a sound value proposition, develop and improve materials for presentation...

For growing or expanding your business, we will:

  • Screen the market, identify major stakeholders, and monitor competition.
  • Identify potential business partners (service providers, distributors, influencers....)
  • Develop sound value propositions based on users’ expectations, their buying power,
          and the added-value created by your innovation.
  • Assist you in developing and implementing your business plan.

We bring you our network of professional in business development to support your growth and create long term value.

Fundraising is not a stand-alone challenge. We need to take into consideration many variables such as time constrains, burning rate, past achievements and value proposition, level of investment requested, and many others. We approach this in a well-structured way, being a facilitator with a long term commitment. Our connections to investors being essential to achieve success.

For fundraising, we will:

  • Assist you in developing your business plan.
  • Access to Non-dilutive and dilutive financing.
  • Develop and improve materials for presentation.
  • Support start-up companies during their seed and round A financing.
  • Facilitate your interactions with investors

Give your organization the attention it deserves! We will help you to navigate amongst a panel of non-dilutive and dilutive financing sources, optimize your business plan and communication strategy, and support you in your interactions with investors.


More than just a consultancy firm, Partnering4Biotech supports you in the development of your projects and your business in Life Sciences with

  • Communication and commitment.
  • Motivation by value creation and results delivery.
  • Multicultural and international environment.
  • Team spirit.

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